Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Group Therapy - Various Artists

Group Therapy was an Australian release on the Infinity label in the early 1970's.

It was released as a showcase album for the Infinity artists of the time.

The album  is extremely rare and the tracks are well worth a listen.

The cover is extremely worn but the album itself was in reasonable condition.

I don't think some of these tracks are available any longer other than on this album.

I am researching some of these bands but at this stage most of the links are pretty much obscure.   Information will appear here as it is located.

The tracks include :-

Hot Boogie Band by Heart'n Soul
Why by Timepiece
On This Day That I Die by Blackfeather
Start Of A New Day by Ray Brown & Moonstone
Goodbye Baby by The Aztecs
Free by Kahvas Jute
Gertrude St Blues by Chain
Wait For A Moment by Cleve

Vinyl rip / LP Covers scans included / 320kbps MP3 format

Sorry about the size of the LP scans.. I forgot to do a resize before I uploaded. 

Group Therapy - Various Artists

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bengal Tigers - Metal Fetish

Pioneering Melbourne Metal band Bengal Tigers featuring frontman Gordon Heald, guitarist Barney Fakhouri, bass player Steve Tyler and drummer Mick Egan have a long and honourable past being one of the first Australian Heavy Metal bands to be signed by a major label.

Bengal Tigers first release would be the 'Metal Fetish' EP for the major Mushroom Records.

This EP would also be released in the UK as a mini album by the Heavy Metal label.

With a shuffle of band members after guitarist Barney departed the band for a while the Bengal Tigers resurrecting themselves in 1989 with new guitarist Yuri Linzew in tow.
Nothing was recorded with Linzew who defected from Melbourne glam kings Axatak. 
Foundation member Barney reclaimed his six string position in Bengal Tigers in 1992.

Bengal Tigers released a further EP in 1995 called Pain Clinic.

Another EP, In One Ear, followed in November of 1997 before a third effort in 1998 would be headed by a cover version of the Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right  (To Party). 

1998 would see the Bengal Tigers release their first long play album called In The Blood. 
The band's material still fetches a mighty price in rarity stakes on internet sites around the world.

Information above sourced from the Bengal Tigers MySpace page

Bengal Tigers style has been compared to that of European metal bands like the Scorpions and Judas Priest.

Main band members were :-

Gordon Heald - Vocals 
Barney Faroukh - Guitar 
James R. Power - Bass
Mick Egan - Drums

Former and past members were :-

Yuri Linzew - Guitar (Ex - Axatak) - 1989 - 1992
Keath Peter-Budge - Guitar - 1989 - 1999
Steve Tyler - Bass - 1979 - 1983

Tracks on this EP are :-

Break And Bend
Got To Deliver
Fallen Idol
Pounding Energy

Cassette Artwork Included / Cassette Rip / 320kbps MP3 Format

Bengal Tigers - Metal Fetish

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dogs On The Bonnet - Too Stout For Groupies

Well, ain't this one a 'lil beauty?

The band's... Dogs On The Bonnet... the album's Too Stout For Groupies.

Once again another 'lil gem that I can't find much info for.

This band hails from the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

They were popular in Broome, Derby and Fitzroy Crossing!

The album was produced and recorded at Troppo Sound in Broome, WA in 1994.

Personally I love the album... it's good fun music.

You have :-

Bill Chidgzey on guitar, vocals and harmonica
Jake Zahl on guitar and vocals
Pete (3rd Degree) Burns on bass and backup vocals
Evan (Doopa) Briers on drums and extra percussion

The tracks include :-

Let Me See You Smile
This Is Not The Promised Land
Sitting Here Watchin You
Two Sisters
Fitzroy Delta
Frankies Song
In Cider Dream
Won't Be Turning Back
Neutron Bomb
Fishin Blues
Never Let Them Go
Shore (ly ya can't be serious)

What little I have found out about the band members is...

Bill Chidgzey is said to be Perth's most flexible and hard working entertainer.
After Dogs On The Bonnet, Bill went on to form popular Perth band, Men And Their Sheds.      
To quote his bio on Slim Jim Enterprises...
Bill solo style is uniquely Australian with a focus on interaction and a good time. Bill has residencies at several popular venues and covers artists ranging from Johnny Cash to Green Day and all points between.

Jake Zahl spent 7 years the Campaign Manager for Clean Up The Kimberley and is on the Campaign Team for Clean Up Australia.

With his wife Iggy Zahl, Jake runs Hotland Advertising and Promotion.

Unfortunately I have been unable to locate any information on either Pete (3rd degree) Burns or Evan (Doopa) Briers

Full Artwork / CD Rip / 320kbps MP3 format

Dogs On The Bonnet - Too Stout For Groupies

Dogs On The Bonnet - Too Stout For Groupies artwork ONLY

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rick Price - Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain was Australian singer / songwriter Rick Price's second album and was released in 1995.

It has long been deleted from catalogues and is now unavailable.

Rick already had three ARIA nominations and a score of Australian Music Awards under his belt.

The album achieved platinum sales status.

It was Rick's most experimental album and its content reflected an introspective view of his personal life.

With Tamborine Mountain Rick returned to his musical background of country / rhythm and blues but still maintained a commercial sound. The album featured strong melodies and arrangements.

In 2009 Rick relocated to the US.

I personally had just thought of Rick Price as a vocalist but after seeing some of the clips around of him I am totally blown away by his guitar work.

He has been touring as the support act for Tommy Emmanuel and also appearing as guest vocalist / guitarist in Tommy's own performances.

Below is an acoustic performance of Rick's hit single River Of Love by Tommy Emmanuel & Rick Price in a radio station studio in the US.

Musicians on the Tamborine Mountain album are :-
Rick Price
John Watson
Joe Creighton
Mark Punch
Ben Wilsch
T-Bone Wolk
Tina Arena
Tommy Emmanuel
Ray Pereira
Lindsay Field
Venetta Fields
Robert Parde
Laurence Maddy
Pam Reswick

Tracks on the Tamborine Mountain album are :-

To Be With You
River of Love
I Wanna Mean Something To You
You're Never Alone
Bridge Building Man
Since I Met You
Foolish Heart
Trust Me This Is Love (with Tina Arena)
Sure Close To Lonely Tonight
Love Never Dies
You're Never Alone (single version)
Nothing Can Stop Us Now

Full Artwork / CD Rip / 320kbps format

Rick Price - Tamborine Mountain with Artwork

Full Artwork ONLY

Rick's first album Heaven Knows with the bonus Rarities CD is available HERE on Trashed By Time!!

The extremely rare single Where Is The Love featuring Rick Price & Margaret Urlich can be found  HERE on Trashed By Time!!

Steve Hoy - Where I Come From (single)

It's been surprising just how little information I have been able to find about Australian guitarist / vocalist Steve Hoy.

One thing is that he certainly has paid his dues in the Australian rock industry.

In the 70's he was in Canberra band Saga with Steve Kilbey from The Church.

In the 80's he led Steve Hoy and The Hoy Boys (with Ross Hannaford on bass, Wayne Burt & Gunther Gorman), in the 90's The Steve Hoy Band and Steve Hoy and The Lost Millions.

Steve was a member of Melbourne band Hey Gringo in 1998.

He was also a member of the great Sydney band, The Hippo's in the 90's and 00's.

The following is a photo of Steve playing with The Hippos in Illawarra in 1993.

The following is a direct quote from Steve Hoy's MySpace page!!

''Described variously as “roots rock”, ”legendary”, ”highly talented” and “preposterous, vain and superficial”, Steve Hoy continues to continue.
Persistent rumours of a new collection of songs remain persistent.
Steve Hoy plugs and unplugs, sticks like glue, performs labours of lust, walks the line, sings glorious hymns and rolls away stones.''

Steve Hoy on MySpace

Steve is currently working as a musician and music teacher in Melbourne.

Steve's latest band listed on his MySpace profile is The BBQ Stoppers with the following members :-

Steve Hoy - guitar and vocals
Garrett Costigan - pedal steel guitar
Chris Stockley - guitar and mandolin
Stephen 'Irish' O'Prey - bass guitar
Scotty Martin - drums

I have been informed that there are 2 of Steve Hoy's albums... Life Next Door and Anticipation on the following links at Midoztouch.

Life Next Door


Thanks to tarago and ozrebel!

This cassette single release is from 1990 and is called Where I Come From.

It contains 2 tracks...
Where I Come From (produced by Matt Moffatt and Ern Rose)
Break Up Fall Out (live recording, mixed by Ian McKenzie at Metropolis)

Cassette Artwork Included / Cassette Rip / 320kbps MP3 Format

Steve Hoy - Where I Come From

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nathan Cavaleri - Jammin' with the Cats

Nathan Cavaleri was born 18th June 1982 and is an Australian blues-rock guitarist and former child actor.

This was his first album, Jammin' With The Cats, released in 1993.

At a very young age Nathan was diagnosed with leukaemia and he took up playing the guitar to take his mind off the disease. He is in remission and has been for many years.

His father got him a full sized guitar with a shaved neck to fit his small hands when he was just 6 years old.

He was only 9 years old when he played with Mark Knopfler, who described his playing as unbelievable.

Aged 13 he was lucky enough to be taken under the wing of BB King and eventually toured with him. He has also toured and played with Tommy Emmanuel.

He was also a featured player on the soundtrack for the movie Free Willy 2.

Nathan was also been invited to serve as a spokesman for Peavey Guitars.

In 2004 he formed a band called Dirty Skanks in which he wrote and arranged his own material, showcasing his unique techniques as he toured with the band.

The drummer of the Dirty Skanks is Col Hatchman, formerly with The Screaming Jets and recognised by the Guiness Book Of Records as the worlds loudest drummer.

Dirty Skanks has a CD released called Voluptuosity.

The Dirty Skanks website on Jaynie Records is HERE!!

Since the first half of 2010 he has been with his band, called Nat Col and the Kings, also formed with Col Hatchman.

In April 2010 Nathan had the pleasure of jamming along on stage with Deep Purple to their famous tune... Smoke On The Water.

Nathan has a MySpace page at

Artists on this album include:-

Nathan Cavaleri
Frank Cavaleri
Tommy Emmanuel
Mark Callaghan  (GANGgajang)
Robert James (GANGgajang)
Buzz Bidstrup (GANGgajang)
Chris Bailey (GANGgajang)
Tony Brock (The Babys, Jimmy Barnes, Rod Stewart)
Michael Hegarty (Jimmy Barnes)

Tracks are :-
Josh's Boogie
The Stumble
12 Page Blues
Jazz For Miss Robson
Room 335
All For Love
Wintertime Blues
Nat's Blues

I really do encourage you to give this a listen!!

Artwork Supplied / Cassette Rip / 320kbps MP3 Format

Artwork Download Link :- Cassette Artwork ONLY

Download Link :-Nathan Cavaleri - Jammin' With The Cats

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tommy Dysart - Go G Go

Who of us with a television can't remember Tommy Dysart in the Yellow Pages Goggomobil adverts?
I bet we've all muttered "G o gg o" to ourselves at some stage.

Then of course there were the Don Smallgoods ads too.

In the early 2000's he continued his Goggomobil character advertising for Shannons Insurance. The concept was in the role of a person searching for car parts as any enthusiast would.
Telstra challenged this in the Supreme Court and Shannons withdrew the adverts but continued with Tommy and his recognised accent. Tommy insisted the accent was his own and he couldn't change it!!

Shannon's Insurance actually own several of the Goggomobil's features in the adverts.

His distinctive rich voice with a broad Scottish accent is one you tend to remember.

Many people are not aware that the Goggomobil Dart was actually an Australian built car, produced by  Buckle Motors Pty Ltd between 1959 and 1961.  The Dart was only one of 5 models of the car sold in Australia.

A history of the Goggomobil can be found HERE

I first saw Tommy at the old Channel 7 Teletheatre, then renamed as the Regent Palace Theatre in Johnston Street in Fitzroy in November 1975.

At the time he was performing as the Narrator in the first run in Melbourne of The Rocky Horror Show.

His wife, Joan Brockenshire eventually joined him in the show, replacing Robyn Moase as Magenta.

Just a bit of trivia... 2010 is the 35th anniversary of the first opening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

They are celebrating with a new Blu-ray release... 35th Anniversary info is here on the Rocky Horror Site.

Tommy has had a huge career in Australia as both an actor and a vocalist.

His singing career started over 30 years ago in Queensland with a quartet called The Swingettes.

He was also on the Tivoli Circuit in several productions.

BGM Agency has a very comprehensive outline of his career on their site HERE ....  this man has been in everything since attending NIDA when it first opened in 1959.

This Larrikin single is very much a novelty release.  that was first issued in 1995.

The Producer was Mike Brady, the Engineer, Doug Brady, words and music were composed and performed by Tommy Dysart, Joan Brockenshire and their son, Kole Dysart

The 2 tracks are :-

Go G Go (Goggomobil Song)

I hope you enjoy a good laugh while you listen to this example of Aussie humour.

Artwork Included / CD Single Rip / 320kbps format


Monday, September 13, 2010

Russell Hitchcock - Russell Hitchcock

I first saw Russell Hitchcock in the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne in the mid 70's.   

Russell Charles Hitchcock  was born in Melbourne on June 15, 1949. 

Russell is an Australian musician and one half of the group Air Supply.

He formed the group after meeting Chrissie Hammond and Englishman Graham Russell in 1975 on the set of a production of  Jesus Christ Superstar

With Chrissie Hammond and Russell Hitchcock on vocals and Graham Russell on guitar, they formed Air Supply as a harmony vocal group in Melbourne. Chrissie left to form Cheetah with her sister Lyndsey and was replaced by Jeremy Paul (ex-Soffrok) on bass guitar and vocals in 1976.

By early 1978 the line-up was Russell Hitchcock on vocals, Nigel Macara (Taman Shud, Ariel) on drums and Graham Russell, with Ken Francis (Matt Finish, 80's session guitarist extraordinare) on guitar, Rick Mellick (Jon English, Rose Tattoo) on keyboards and Bill Putt (Spectrum, Ariel) on bass.

Various incarnations formed during the many years they have been together.

The band has toured the US endlessly and endured until today.  

They released a new album in May 2010. 

Wikipedia has a comprehensive Air Supply bio HERE  ...  
I do suggest you take the time to give this Wikipedia bio a read as it is certainly surprising who has been included in the line-up over the years.  
I was stunned when I read the list... it's like a who's who of Aussie rock!!

During a break from Air Supply in 1988 Russell recorded this, his first solo album. 

Tracks on this album are :-

Someone Who Believe In You
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted?
I Come Alive
The River Cried
Dreams Of The Lonely
Best Intentions
I Can't Believe My Eyes
Where Did The Feeling Go?
Make It Feel Like Home Again

Full Artwork included / CD Rip / 320kbps MP3 format

Russell Hitchcock - 1988 - Self-titled

Russell Hitchcock - 1988 - Self-titled - Artwork ONLY

The Blue Echoes - Clap Your Hands And Shout

I remember the days when the Blue Echoes were the resident band at The Tottenham Hotel in Melbourne.

In those days I lived just across the train tracks from the pub in Sunshine.

They were pretty much a cover band but they were a band that were guaranteed to have you on your feet dancing.

Further information on The Blue Echoes can be found HERE at Tom Mix's great blog!

Quiet strangely, I can find no information regarding this Hammard 1979 album release anywhere on the internet.

Tracks on this gem are :-

Resurrection Shuffle
New Orleans
Clap Your Hands
Run Around Sue
Do Ron Ron
Boppin' The Blues
Lay Your Lovin' On Me
Beautiful Sunday
Barbara Anne
Land Of A Thousand Dances
Rockin' Robin
Runnin' Bear
Blue Moon / Goodnight Sweetheart Medley

Turn it up loud and rock your arses off!!

Artwork Included / Cassette Rip / 320kbps MP3

The Blue Echoes - Clap Your Hands And Shout w/artwork

Artwork ONLY

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New blog for LIVE recordings

Due to the number of live recordings I have at hand I have decided to create another blog to host these recordings.

I have relocated anything to do with both live recordings or photos to this new blog.

The new blog is called Live Preserver and the link can be found HERE!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Big Pig - Extended Dance Mixes

Thanks to Tim Rosewarne, the keyboard player from the great Aussie band Big Pig, this first release is an 11 track collection of Big Pig Dance Mixes.

Thanks Tim for supplying these gems.

None of these extended tracks were ever included on either the Bonk or You Lucky People releases.

The Big Pig album, You Lucky People can be found on this site  You Lucky People

The band were :-

Nick Disbray (lead vocals, percussion)
Sherine Abeyratne (lead vocals, percussion)
Oleh Witer (vocals, drums)
Tony Antoniades (vocals, harmonica)
Tim Rosewarne (vocals, keyboard)
Adrian Scaglione (drums)
Neil Baker (drums)

The tracks and info supplied by Tim are as follows....

Track 1 - Hungry Town (Extended Dance Mix) - remixed by Ivan Ivan at AAV Melb 1986

Track 2 - Money God (Extended Dance Mix) - remixed by Ivan Ivan at AAV Melb 1986

Track 3 - Boy Wonder (12” Mix) - recorded and mixed by Nick Launay at Rhinoceros Studio Sydney 1987

Track 4 - Boy Wonder (Baby Mix) - recorded and mixed by Nick Launay at Rhinoceros Studio Sydney 1987

Track 5 - Breakaway (U.S. Version)

Track 6 - Iron Lung (Pig Iron Mix) - remixed by Doug Brady and Big Pig at AAV Melb 1988

Track 7 - Iron Lung (Fraught Iron Mix) - remixed by Doug Brady and Big Pig at AAV Melb 1988

Track 8 - Iron Lung (Cast Iron Mix) - remixed by Doug Brady and Big Pig at AAV Melb 1988

Track 9 - Iron Lung (Warm Iron Mix) - remixed by Doug Brady and Big Pig at AAV Melb 1988

Track 10 - Justifier (Extended Mix) - produced by Daddy O and mixed by Femi Jiya at Platinum Studio Melbourne 1990

Track 11 - Taste (Extended Mix) - produced by Daddy O and mixed by Femi Jiya at Platinum Studio Melbourne 1990

The fantastic artwork was designed and supplied by Woody... great job... many thanks!!

Artwork Supplied / Bitrate 320k

Big Pig - Extended Dance Mixes

Big Pig - Extended Dance Mixes - ARTWORK ONLY

Mal Green Sound - Demo

This demo tape was given to me by Mal Green back in 1979/80 at his home in Sydney.

Mind you this was a long time ago but the story behind the tape as I recall Mal telling me was... 

It was recorded using a mobile studio that I think I remember him saying was used at a house in Richmond in Melbourne.   

Mal played all the instruments except the sax.. and I can particularly remember him saying he was left handed and just turned the guitar upside down.  

The sax was played by Kye Dahlstrom (sp)

As you will read... Mal has quite the musical pedigree!!

Green Sound Music Studio is his latest project.

It is one of the few studios in Australia using Roland V-Drum Kits.

The following information is directly from Mal Green's website at


MAL GREEN - Composer • Arranger • Producer • Musician
Bio 7/2009

My music path began in London UK, where from the age of 16, I started playing professionally.

I collaborated, toured and recorded with countless groups and musicians including:

The Honeycombes; Topped the UK charts and had an international hit with ‘Have I The Right To Hold You.

The Love Affair; ‘Everlasting Love’ was a number 1 hit in the UK

Octopus; One of the most influential bands in my career. My original association was with Nigel Griggs, who later became the bass player with Split Enz.

The Chequers; ‘Miss Payne’ became a top ten hit in the UK.

I spent 2 years living in Germany, Austria and Switzerland performing predominantly with European sextets and quartets. 

Returning  to the UK, I met up with and joined Johnny Wakelin who had an international hit with Mohammed Ali.

I was then invited to join Split Enz. From 1976-1981, we were based in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

We recorded and toured across Great Britain, Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand achieving international recognition with our hit singles including I Got You, I See Red, and History Never Repeats…to name a few. Examples of albums played on include Dizrythmia, Frenzy, True Colours and Corroboree/Waiate.

In 1980, In 1980, In 1980, I released a solo single ‘Follow Me’ and B-side: ‘The Quando’ with Mushroom Records. I wrote, arranged, produced and played all the instruments, with the exception of the bass guitar (Nigel Griggs) and a few keyboard tracks (Eddy Rayner). Music was written by Mal Green and lyrics by Dave Osborne. Guest guitarist on 'The Quando' was none other than Red Symons.

In 1981, I left Split Enz and Melbourne to base myself in Sydney.

I was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame with Split Enz

Toured Australia with Split Enz

Designed and built GreenSound Studios with designer/builder Tony Stacey. Currently I am recording, co-producing clients and composing music for documentaries. I’m always focusing on expanding my state-of-the-art recording studio and production facility where I compose and produce.
The diverse mix of fellow artists and groups with whom I recorded and toured from 1982 to 2008 include:

James Blundell, Dave Warner, Dave Skinner (Roxy Music), Allan Caswell, Martin Celia (The Atlantic's), Steve Flack (Guitar Heroes), The Hippos, The Henrys CANADA, Nigel Gavin USA/NZ (Robert Fripp), Rick Robinson (DIG/ Eon), Chris Bailey (The Angels / Gangajang), Steve Hunter / Billy Cobha

Additional Associated Acts:
Engine Room
3-piece band featuring Phil Pine (singer, guitarist, songwriter), Howie James (bass player, songwriter) and myself (drums, vocals, writer, producer)

Viola Dana
3-piece band featuring Peter Blakeley (vocalist, songwriter), Chris Bailey (bass player) and myself (drums, songwriter)

Gumbo Fever
Don Hopkins (vocalist and piano player ‘extraordinaire’) and myself (drums, backing vocals and production)


Tracks on this demo recording are :-

Talk Is Cheap
Now's The Time
Why Worry Me
You Feel So Alone
The Quando
Bright Eyed And Starry
Follow Me

No Artwork  / Cassette Rip / Bitrate 320k

The Mal Green Sound - 7 Track Demo