Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tommy Dysart - Go G Go

Who of us with a television can't remember Tommy Dysart in the Yellow Pages Goggomobil adverts?
I bet we've all muttered "G o gg o" to ourselves at some stage.

Then of course there were the Don Smallgoods ads too.

In the early 2000's he continued his Goggomobil character advertising for Shannons Insurance. The concept was in the role of a person searching for car parts as any enthusiast would.
Telstra challenged this in the Supreme Court and Shannons withdrew the adverts but continued with Tommy and his recognised accent. Tommy insisted the accent was his own and he couldn't change it!!

Shannon's Insurance actually own several of the Goggomobil's features in the adverts.

His distinctive rich voice with a broad Scottish accent is one you tend to remember.

Many people are not aware that the Goggomobil Dart was actually an Australian built car, produced by  Buckle Motors Pty Ltd between 1959 and 1961.  The Dart was only one of 5 models of the car sold in Australia.

A history of the Goggomobil can be found HERE

I first saw Tommy at the old Channel 7 Teletheatre, then renamed as the Regent Palace Theatre in Johnston Street in Fitzroy in November 1975.

At the time he was performing as the Narrator in the first run in Melbourne of The Rocky Horror Show.

His wife, Joan Brockenshire eventually joined him in the show, replacing Robyn Moase as Magenta.

Just a bit of trivia... 2010 is the 35th anniversary of the first opening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

They are celebrating with a new Blu-ray release... 35th Anniversary info is here on the Rocky Horror Site.

Tommy has had a huge career in Australia as both an actor and a vocalist.

His singing career started over 30 years ago in Queensland with a quartet called The Swingettes.

He was also on the Tivoli Circuit in several productions.

BGM Agency has a very comprehensive outline of his career on their site HERE ....  this man has been in everything since attending NIDA when it first opened in 1959.

This Larrikin single is very much a novelty release.  that was first issued in 1995.

The Producer was Mike Brady, the Engineer, Doug Brady, words and music were composed and performed by Tommy Dysart, Joan Brockenshire and their son, Kole Dysart

The 2 tracks are :-

Go G Go (Goggomobil Song)

I hope you enjoy a good laugh while you listen to this example of Aussie humour.

Artwork Included / CD Single Rip / 320kbps format


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