Friday, September 10, 2010

Mal Green Sound - Demo

This demo tape was given to me by Mal Green back in 1979/80 at his home in Sydney.

Mind you this was a long time ago but the story behind the tape as I recall Mal telling me was... 

It was recorded using a mobile studio that I think I remember him saying was used at a house in Richmond in Melbourne.   

Mal played all the instruments except the sax.. and I can particularly remember him saying he was left handed and just turned the guitar upside down.  

The sax was played by Kye Dahlstrom (sp)

As you will read... Mal has quite the musical pedigree!!

Green Sound Music Studio is his latest project.

It is one of the few studios in Australia using Roland V-Drum Kits.

The following information is directly from Mal Green's website at


MAL GREEN - Composer • Arranger • Producer • Musician
Bio 7/2009

My music path began in London UK, where from the age of 16, I started playing professionally.

I collaborated, toured and recorded with countless groups and musicians including:

The Honeycombes; Topped the UK charts and had an international hit with ‘Have I The Right To Hold You.

The Love Affair; ‘Everlasting Love’ was a number 1 hit in the UK

Octopus; One of the most influential bands in my career. My original association was with Nigel Griggs, who later became the bass player with Split Enz.

The Chequers; ‘Miss Payne’ became a top ten hit in the UK.

I spent 2 years living in Germany, Austria and Switzerland performing predominantly with European sextets and quartets. 

Returning  to the UK, I met up with and joined Johnny Wakelin who had an international hit with Mohammed Ali.

I was then invited to join Split Enz. From 1976-1981, we were based in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

We recorded and toured across Great Britain, Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand achieving international recognition with our hit singles including I Got You, I See Red, and History Never Repeats…to name a few. Examples of albums played on include Dizrythmia, Frenzy, True Colours and Corroboree/Waiate.

In 1980, In 1980, In 1980, I released a solo single ‘Follow Me’ and B-side: ‘The Quando’ with Mushroom Records. I wrote, arranged, produced and played all the instruments, with the exception of the bass guitar (Nigel Griggs) and a few keyboard tracks (Eddy Rayner). Music was written by Mal Green and lyrics by Dave Osborne. Guest guitarist on 'The Quando' was none other than Red Symons.

In 1981, I left Split Enz and Melbourne to base myself in Sydney.

I was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame with Split Enz

Toured Australia with Split Enz

Designed and built GreenSound Studios with designer/builder Tony Stacey. Currently I am recording, co-producing clients and composing music for documentaries. I’m always focusing on expanding my state-of-the-art recording studio and production facility where I compose and produce.
The diverse mix of fellow artists and groups with whom I recorded and toured from 1982 to 2008 include:

James Blundell, Dave Warner, Dave Skinner (Roxy Music), Allan Caswell, Martin Celia (The Atlantic's), Steve Flack (Guitar Heroes), The Hippos, The Henrys CANADA, Nigel Gavin USA/NZ (Robert Fripp), Rick Robinson (DIG/ Eon), Chris Bailey (The Angels / Gangajang), Steve Hunter / Billy Cobha

Additional Associated Acts:
Engine Room
3-piece band featuring Phil Pine (singer, guitarist, songwriter), Howie James (bass player, songwriter) and myself (drums, vocals, writer, producer)

Viola Dana
3-piece band featuring Peter Blakeley (vocalist, songwriter), Chris Bailey (bass player) and myself (drums, songwriter)

Gumbo Fever
Don Hopkins (vocalist and piano player ‘extraordinaire’) and myself (drums, backing vocals and production)


Tracks on this demo recording are :-

Talk Is Cheap
Now's The Time
Why Worry Me
You Feel So Alone
The Quando
Bright Eyed And Starry
Follow Me

No Artwork  / Cassette Rip / Bitrate 320k

The Mal Green Sound - 7 Track Demo


  1. Brilliant post!! I have to admit that the only Mal Green song I know is Follow Me which I have on the Raven Other Enz compilation.

    Thank you so much for another Split Enz rarity,


  2. 'Tis my pleasure Graham... thanks for the kind words.
    It's little comments like yours that make it all worthwhile.

  3. Thanks for this. The sounds really great and I like what I have heard. Makes me wonder how many gems like that are out there. Thanks again mate.

  4. Absolutely awesome upload, thankyou for this absolute rarity.

    Big time ENZ fan.

    Cheers Chook