Friday, September 17, 2010

Dogs On The Bonnet - Too Stout For Groupies

Well, ain't this one a 'lil beauty?

The band's... Dogs On The Bonnet... the album's Too Stout For Groupies.

Once again another 'lil gem that I can't find much info for.

This band hails from the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

They were popular in Broome, Derby and Fitzroy Crossing!

The album was produced and recorded at Troppo Sound in Broome, WA in 1994.

Personally I love the album... it's good fun music.

You have :-

Bill Chidgzey on guitar, vocals and harmonica
Jake Zahl on guitar and vocals
Pete (3rd Degree) Burns on bass and backup vocals
Evan (Doopa) Briers on drums and extra percussion

The tracks include :-

Let Me See You Smile
This Is Not The Promised Land
Sitting Here Watchin You
Two Sisters
Fitzroy Delta
Frankies Song
In Cider Dream
Won't Be Turning Back
Neutron Bomb
Fishin Blues
Never Let Them Go
Shore (ly ya can't be serious)

What little I have found out about the band members is...

Bill Chidgzey is said to be Perth's most flexible and hard working entertainer.
After Dogs On The Bonnet, Bill went on to form popular Perth band, Men And Their Sheds.      
To quote his bio on Slim Jim Enterprises...
Bill solo style is uniquely Australian with a focus on interaction and a good time. Bill has residencies at several popular venues and covers artists ranging from Johnny Cash to Green Day and all points between.

Jake Zahl spent 7 years the Campaign Manager for Clean Up The Kimberley and is on the Campaign Team for Clean Up Australia.

With his wife Iggy Zahl, Jake runs Hotland Advertising and Promotion.

Unfortunately I have been unable to locate any information on either Pete (3rd degree) Burns or Evan (Doopa) Briers

Full Artwork / CD Rip / 320kbps MP3 format

Dogs On The Bonnet - Too Stout For Groupies

Dogs On The Bonnet - Too Stout For Groupies artwork ONLY


  1. Love the band name, just on that alone i want to listen to the album. Thanks very much, Woodynet

  2. Peter Burns is now a well known and well respected Realestate Agent (Hutchinson realestate) Still living in Derby with his Wife Leah and 2 Kids.

  3. Gruntrat
    The elusive dog has found you.
    cheers 3rd Degree

  4. 3rd Degree, glad to have you pop in. I hope you don't mind me keeping the band alive? Any further input you have would be appreciated. cheers... GruntRat