Thursday, September 16, 2010

Steve Hoy - Where I Come From (single)

It's been surprising just how little information I have been able to find about Australian guitarist / vocalist Steve Hoy.

One thing is that he certainly has paid his dues in the Australian rock industry.

In the 70's he was in Canberra band Saga with Steve Kilbey from The Church.

In the 80's he led Steve Hoy and The Hoy Boys (with Ross Hannaford on bass, Wayne Burt & Gunther Gorman), in the 90's The Steve Hoy Band and Steve Hoy and The Lost Millions.

Steve was a member of Melbourne band Hey Gringo in 1998.

He was also a member of the great Sydney band, The Hippo's in the 90's and 00's.

The following is a photo of Steve playing with The Hippos in Illawarra in 1993.

The following is a direct quote from Steve Hoy's MySpace page!!

''Described variously as “roots rock”, ”legendary”, ”highly talented” and “preposterous, vain and superficial”, Steve Hoy continues to continue.
Persistent rumours of a new collection of songs remain persistent.
Steve Hoy plugs and unplugs, sticks like glue, performs labours of lust, walks the line, sings glorious hymns and rolls away stones.''

Steve Hoy on MySpace

Steve is currently working as a musician and music teacher in Melbourne.

Steve's latest band listed on his MySpace profile is The BBQ Stoppers with the following members :-

Steve Hoy - guitar and vocals
Garrett Costigan - pedal steel guitar
Chris Stockley - guitar and mandolin
Stephen 'Irish' O'Prey - bass guitar
Scotty Martin - drums

I have been informed that there are 2 of Steve Hoy's albums... Life Next Door and Anticipation on the following links at Midoztouch.

Life Next Door


Thanks to tarago and ozrebel!

This cassette single release is from 1990 and is called Where I Come From.

It contains 2 tracks...
Where I Come From (produced by Matt Moffatt and Ern Rose)
Break Up Fall Out (live recording, mixed by Ian McKenzie at Metropolis)

Cassette Artwork Included / Cassette Rip / 320kbps MP3 Format

Steve Hoy - Where I Come From

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