Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nathan Cavaleri - Jammin' with the Cats

Nathan Cavaleri was born 18th June 1982 and is an Australian blues-rock guitarist and former child actor.

This was his first album, Jammin' With The Cats, released in 1993.

At a very young age Nathan was diagnosed with leukaemia and he took up playing the guitar to take his mind off the disease. He is in remission and has been for many years.

His father got him a full sized guitar with a shaved neck to fit his small hands when he was just 6 years old.

He was only 9 years old when he played with Mark Knopfler, who described his playing as unbelievable.

Aged 13 he was lucky enough to be taken under the wing of BB King and eventually toured with him. He has also toured and played with Tommy Emmanuel.

He was also a featured player on the soundtrack for the movie Free Willy 2.

Nathan was also been invited to serve as a spokesman for Peavey Guitars.

In 2004 he formed a band called Dirty Skanks in which he wrote and arranged his own material, showcasing his unique techniques as he toured with the band.

The drummer of the Dirty Skanks is Col Hatchman, formerly with The Screaming Jets and recognised by the Guiness Book Of Records as the worlds loudest drummer.

Dirty Skanks has a CD released called Voluptuosity.

The Dirty Skanks website on Jaynie Records is HERE!!

Since the first half of 2010 he has been with his band, called Nat Col and the Kings, also formed with Col Hatchman.

In April 2010 Nathan had the pleasure of jamming along on stage with Deep Purple to their famous tune... Smoke On The Water.

Nathan has a MySpace page at

Artists on this album include:-

Nathan Cavaleri
Frank Cavaleri
Tommy Emmanuel
Mark Callaghan  (GANGgajang)
Robert James (GANGgajang)
Buzz Bidstrup (GANGgajang)
Chris Bailey (GANGgajang)
Tony Brock (The Babys, Jimmy Barnes, Rod Stewart)
Michael Hegarty (Jimmy Barnes)

Tracks are :-
Josh's Boogie
The Stumble
12 Page Blues
Jazz For Miss Robson
Room 335
All For Love
Wintertime Blues
Nat's Blues

I really do encourage you to give this a listen!!

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Download Link :-Nathan Cavaleri - Jammin' With The Cats


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