Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big Pig - You Lucky People

Following on the 1987 chart success of their first album Bonk, Big Pig released their second album, You Lucky People in 1990. This CD has long been out of distribution.

Shortly after the release of this album in 1990, Big Pig relocated to London and not long after that disbanded.

They were noted for their predominant use of drums and vocals, and an absence of guitars, making them a quite unique sounding band at the time.

Big Pig were a seven-piece Australian pop/rock band, based in Melbourne, that existed from 1985 until 1991. They were one of the pioneers of Australian "Industrial Rock".

The band formed in London in 1985. the original main members were Australian drummer Oleh Witer with singer Nick Disbray. The pair returned to Melbourne later that year and recruited the new line-up that would make the hit records.

They settled on the line-up consisting of....

Nick Disbray (lead vocals, percussion)
Sherine Abeyratne (from the band I'm Talking, featuring Kate Ceberano)(lead vocals, percussion)
Oleh Witer (vocals, drums)
Tony Antoniades (vocals, harmonica)
Tim Rosewarne (vocals, keyboard)
Adrian Scaglione (drums)
Neil Baker (drums)

Big Pig's first album, Bonk, is available from the great Ausrock Forum at...
Ausrock - Big Pig - Bonk

Artwork included / Bitrate 320k

Big Pig - You Lucky People - Part 1

Big Pig - You Lucky People - Part 2


  1. Hi, tbt

    We're very lucky for your sharing "You Lucky People"!!!

    Hobart Tony

  2. I got Big Pig's first album when it first came out & never stopped loving it. I wasn't aware they had a 2nd album until I came across your blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you from halfway around the world!

    1. how lucky am i to have both on vinyl even scratched! slart

  3. Hi there, it`s tim rosewarne from big pig, thanks for helping keep our music alive via your blog, but i should let you know about a couple of innacuracies.....
    1 we didn`t relocate to london after the release of the 2nd album, but we did spend several months there in 1987 adding finishing touches to the first album 'bonk', and
    2 sherine`s twin sister zan, was in I`m talking not sherine. cheers.

  4. Any idea why Big Pig broke up? They had a totally magic sound. There videos are still the best I always regretted not seeing them in concert.

  5. Wow... Thanks for posting this. I've been on a Big Pig kick lately and somehow this CD never made it to my backup drives.

    Love this band, they were truly something special and really under appreciated.