Monday, September 13, 2010

Russell Hitchcock - Russell Hitchcock

I first saw Russell Hitchcock in the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne in the mid 70's.   

Russell Charles Hitchcock  was born in Melbourne on June 15, 1949. 

Russell is an Australian musician and one half of the group Air Supply.

He formed the group after meeting Chrissie Hammond and Englishman Graham Russell in 1975 on the set of a production of  Jesus Christ Superstar

With Chrissie Hammond and Russell Hitchcock on vocals and Graham Russell on guitar, they formed Air Supply as a harmony vocal group in Melbourne. Chrissie left to form Cheetah with her sister Lyndsey and was replaced by Jeremy Paul (ex-Soffrok) on bass guitar and vocals in 1976.

By early 1978 the line-up was Russell Hitchcock on vocals, Nigel Macara (Taman Shud, Ariel) on drums and Graham Russell, with Ken Francis (Matt Finish, 80's session guitarist extraordinare) on guitar, Rick Mellick (Jon English, Rose Tattoo) on keyboards and Bill Putt (Spectrum, Ariel) on bass.

Various incarnations formed during the many years they have been together.

The band has toured the US endlessly and endured until today.  

They released a new album in May 2010. 

Wikipedia has a comprehensive Air Supply bio HERE  ...  
I do suggest you take the time to give this Wikipedia bio a read as it is certainly surprising who has been included in the line-up over the years.  
I was stunned when I read the list... it's like a who's who of Aussie rock!!

During a break from Air Supply in 1988 Russell recorded this, his first solo album. 

Tracks on this album are :-

Someone Who Believe In You
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted?
I Come Alive
The River Cried
Dreams Of The Lonely
Best Intentions
I Can't Believe My Eyes
Where Did The Feeling Go?
Make It Feel Like Home Again

Full Artwork included / CD Rip / 320kbps MP3 format

Russell Hitchcock - 1988 - Self-titled

Russell Hitchcock - 1988 - Self-titled - Artwork ONLY


  1. I saw Air Supply at the Sydney Opera House in May 2009. Little did I know that they would come to Melbourne later in the year as well. Had I known, I could have saved myself the airfare. :(