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Bengal Tigers - Metal Fetish

Pioneering Melbourne Metal band Bengal Tigers featuring frontman Gordon Heald, guitarist Barney Fakhouri, bass player Steve Tyler and drummer Mick Egan have a long and honourable past being one of the first Australian Heavy Metal bands to be signed by a major label.

Bengal Tigers first release would be the 'Metal Fetish' EP for the major Mushroom Records.

This EP would also be released in the UK as a mini album by the Heavy Metal label.

With a shuffle of band members after guitarist Barney departed the band for a while the Bengal Tigers resurrecting themselves in 1989 with new guitarist Yuri Linzew in tow.
Nothing was recorded with Linzew who defected from Melbourne glam kings Axatak. 
Foundation member Barney reclaimed his six string position in Bengal Tigers in 1992.

Bengal Tigers released a further EP in 1995 called Pain Clinic.

Another EP, In One Ear, followed in November of 1997 before a third effort in 1998 would be headed by a cover version of the Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right  (To Party). 

1998 would see the Bengal Tigers release their first long play album called In The Blood. 
The band's material still fetches a mighty price in rarity stakes on internet sites around the world.

Information above sourced from the Bengal Tigers MySpace page

Bengal Tigers style has been compared to that of European metal bands like the Scorpions and Judas Priest.

Main band members were :-

Gordon Heald - Vocals 
Barney Faroukh - Guitar 
James R. Power - Bass
Mick Egan - Drums

Former and past members were :-

Yuri Linzew - Guitar (Ex - Axatak) - 1989 - 1992
Keath Peter-Budge - Guitar - 1989 - 1999
Steve Tyler - Bass - 1979 - 1983

Tracks on this EP are :-

Break And Bend
Got To Deliver
Fallen Idol
Pounding Energy

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Bengal Tigers - Metal Fetish


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