Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guy McDonough - My Place (1985)

On the anniversary tomorrow of the passing of Guy McDonough from Australian Crawl I am adding his post-humously released and long out of print, My Place album to the blog.

Guy McDonough was an Australian rock musician best known for playing rhythm guitar with the band Australian Crawl. 
He played rhythm guitar and was lead vocals on two of their most well-known songs, "Oh No, Not You Again" and "Errol"*. 
Guy McDonough's solo album, My Place, produced by brother (and previously, Crawl drummer), Bill McDonough, was recorded in 1984 and released in 1985 (Wheatley WRLP1010). 
He died two years before Australian Crawl broke up, in 1984.  
The above is a quote from Wikipedia:

Tracks on the My Place album include :-

My Place
Things Don't Seem
Who Said
Hook, Line & Sinker
Without You (It's A Lonely Life)
What's In It For Me
Can't Help Myself
Too Many People

Limited Artwork / Cassette rip / 320kbps MP3 Format

Guy Donough - My Place

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

New domain coming soon

Behind the scenes I have been working on linking all my blogs, etc on one site.

Stay tuned... it won't be long now.....  I hope it will be worth the wait!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Deni Hines - Imagination

I first met Deni Hines at The Perth Entertainment Centre in 1989, when I was at the venue in the afternoon to catch up with my old mate Jimmy Barnes during his sound check.   

Jimmy called me over and there was this poor girl in obvious pain, smoking a rollie and limping. 
He introduced Deni as his backing singer, saying she was the daughter of Marcia.... that was my intro.

Deni had slipped on the stage set during rehearsals that day and injured her ankle.  She has just arrived back at the Entertainment Centre after a visit to the hospital.

Like a true trouper, Deni went on to perform the show that evening and what a show it was. 

I've always liked the quality in Deni's voice and still do to this day and always look for anything she has released.

This now deleted CD, Imagination was released in 1996 and was her first solo album.

Deni's Wikipedia page is located HERE.

Tracks on this release are :-
Like The Way
It's Alright
It's Not Over
Like A River
Yes We Can
Go Slow
When A Woman Pretends
I'm Not In Love

Full Artwork included / CD rip / 320kbps MP3 format

Deni Hines - Imagination

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Courtney Act - Rub Me Wrong (single)

I thought I'd follow up the Shannon Noll posting with another artist that was not a winner when he appeared on Australian Idol, but is still a strong performer to this day. 

Courtney Act is the stage name of Australian artist, singer, "gender illusionist" & entertainer, Shane Janek.

Shane as himself did not get any further than the selection auditions but returned the next day in the persona of "Courtney Act" and went through to the semi-finals.

As Courtney his performance of the AC/DC classic, You Shook Me All Night Long brought the audience to it's feet. 

Shane / Courtney is now a regular performer on the USA club circuit where he continues to slay the audiences wherever he / she plays. 

Two sites of interest for further information on Courney Act can be found HERE on the Wikipedia site and also on Courtney's own website HERE.

Tracks on this CD single are :-

Rub Me Wrong
Rub Me Wrong (Wayne G Heaven Anthem Radio Mix)
You Shook Me All Night Long

Full Artwork included / CD rip / 320kbps MP3 format

Courtney Act - Rub Me Wrong

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Shannon Noll - C'Mon Aussie C'Mon (single)

He may not have won Australian Idol 2003 but Shannon Noll has been one of the busiest members since his appearance in the well known TV competition.

I stumbled across this CD single at the Perth Record & CD Fair last weekend and thought it would make a good inclusion to the blog.

A history of Shannon Noll can be found HERE on Wikipedia.

Shannon also has his own website HERE with loads of information and touring dates.

Full Artwork included / CD rip / 320kbps MP3 format

Shannon Noll - C'Mon Aussie C'Mon

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

INXS - All Juiced Up

This quite rare release from INXS, named All Juiced Up, is from 1994 and is no longer available in the stores. 

The album has 9 tracks and all are remixes of some of their original songs.  It is certainly a different take on some of the tracks you know well and some not so well known.

The history of the band INXS can be found HERE, on their Wikipedia page.

It should be noted that the All Juiced Up album is not listed in the discography on the INXS  Wikipedia page at all. 

Tracks on this CD are :-

Taste It (Youth Accapella Mix)
Cut Your Roses Down (Sure Is Pure Mix)
Suicide Blonde (Milk Mix)
Please (You Got That...) (E-Smoove Club Need Mix)
Disappear (Red Zone Mix)
I'm Only Looking (Morales Bad Yard Mix)
Cut Your Roses Down (Sure Dub Mix)
What You Need (Cold Cut Mix)
Devil Inside (12" Mix)

Full Artwork included / CD rip / 320kbps MP3 format

INXS - All Juiced Up

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Iva Davies - Circles in the Sky (single)

In 2000, the legendary Australian performing artist, Iva Davies, was commissioned to create a musical offering to be used as the theme song for the Olympic Live sites during the celebration of the Sydney Olympic Games.

This one track single, Circles In The Sky,  was that release.

Iva Davies is of course the driving force behind the band Icehouse. 

The Wikipedia article on Iva Davies can be found HERE.

The performing artists on this single were:-

Iva Davies - Vocals, oboe, guitars, keyboards and programming
Richard Tognetti - Solo Violin
The Australian Chamber Orchestra - Strings
Christine Anu - Backing Vocals
Wendy Matthews - Backing Vocals
Annie Crumer - Backing Vocals
Mark Williams - Backing Vocals
Ian Moss - Backing Vocals

Full Artwork included / CD rip / 320kbps MP3 format

Iva Davies - Circles In The Sky

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The Critics (Perth) - Promo Single

I had though it was hard finding info on some of my previous posts but finding information regarding this band, The Critics, originally from Perth, has been next to impossible.

The band has a little used MySpace site HERE.

It appears the band last recorded in 2009 after a long absence.  

The last release I can find any info on is a Rabbit Records release of their album "Noise And Popularity".

Below are a list of special limited editions released by the band.  This blog release is #49 of a 50 CD run and is number 5 on the list.  

  1. THE CRITICS- Take Back / Switch On Shortrun CD radio / magazine promo February 2004 100 made
  2. THE CRITICS-Pull Your Head In Shortrun CD - February 2003 50 with 7" sleeve, 10 without
  3. THE CRITICS-The Incentive Shortrun CD - June 2002 Radio Promo / Magazine Promo 15 made.
  4. THE CRITICS- Easy Option / Landslide Defeat 2 track Shortrun CD - June 2002 - Radio Promo / Magazine Promo / Show Giveaway- 70 made
  5. THE CRITICS - Patent Pending / The Easy Option (live) 2 track Promo CD - recorded 2004 / 2005  50 made
If anyone has further information on this band please contact me on the email link at the bottom of the blog page.

I believe the band to now be defunct.

Full Artwork included / CD rip / 320kbps MP3 format

The Critics - Promo Single

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Flaming Sheilas - Reborn

This is another defunct WA Independent act.

Annabelle Harvey is a singer / songwriter / guitarist / harmonica player from Albany, WA and Sarah Bird is a singer / songwriter / guitarist from NSW ... together they performed under the name The Flaming Sheilas.

Annabelle Harvey has her Facebook page HERE.

Sarah Bird has her Facebook page HERE and her MySpace music page is HERE.

I have been unable to locate any information about The Flaming Sheilas on the web.

Players on this release were :-

Annabelle Harvey - Acoustic Guitar / Harmonica / Vocals
Sarah Bird - Acoustic Guitar / Tambourine / Stomp Box / Vocals
Glen Wellman - Bass / Lap Steel / Acoustic Guitars / Vocals
Mick Crannage - Bass Guitar / Dobro / Keyboard / Drums / Percussion / Stomp Box / Vocals
Lez Karski - Slide Guitar (Track 3)
Tim Wheelwright - Drums (Track 10 & 12)

The Tracks on the Reborn album are :-

Dreams (One Way Track)
Keep Movin'
Shine On
Moment In Time
Spirit Healer
Once I'm On My Way

Please check the websites of both Annabelle and Sarah and support Australian music.

Full Artwork included / CD rip / 320kbps MP3 format

The Flaming Sheilas - Reborn

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Greg Champion - That's The Thing About Football (single)

It's the time of the year again when the AFL kicks into high gear and the fans come out in their finery.

To kick off this season (pun intended), I found this 'lil gem in my local Op shop only yesterday.

This is a 1994, 3 track single from Greg Champion.

I was blown away when I saw who the muso's who played on this release were.

The artists on this single are :-

Greg Champion - Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
Mike Brady - Vocals
The Music Men - Vocals
Darren Farrugia - Drums
Joe Creighton - Bass
Chris Wilson - Keyboards
Sam See - Guitar

The single has 3 tracks :-

That's The Thing About Football
I Am The Footy Fan (with The Music Men)
That's The Thing About Football (Mike Brady - vocals)

The title track was written by Mike Brady, Greg Champion and Paul Kelly.

Full Artwork / CD Rip / 320kbps format

There has been a comment by one person that the sound seemed to fluctuate on this recording. So, as of today this has been ripped a second time and re-upped 13/3/11 and the link amended.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tracy Redhead - EP - Pre-Release copy (2003)

I have to admit I do love my endless trawls through the Op Shops of Perth in my endless quest for deleted and hard to find Australian music.   It's time for myself doing what I enjoy... preserving Australian music for the future.

Occasionally you come across some rare gems.

This pre-release copy of the first EP from performer Tracy Redhead and her band is one of those such gems.  

It is obvious that this copy was never for public release and I am almost sure that it was given away by Tracy Redhead to friends, etc.

I have to admit that I had never really heard much about Tracy Redhead before I found this CD in my local Op Shop. 

The following information is from the Tracy Redhead FaceBook page

Quick History – Tracy Redhead Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist

1997 she began her solo career in hometown Perth.
1998 John Butler & Tracy did their first tour together around the South West of Australia.
1999 first national tour supporting iOTA.
2000 Moved to Sydney.
September 2004 Tracy independently released her Debut EP and received spot rotation on Triple J and airplay on 18 community stations nationally.
She co-wrote and recorded the album  “The Chapel of Ease”  with Charlie Owen and Julien Poulsen in Tasmania,  which was scheduled for release in early 2008 through Mistophone / Inertia.
Tracy recently recorded as part of the Green Mist Collective at Birdland Studios in Melbourne with Julien Poulsen, Brian Richie (Violent Femmes), Jeff (Violent Femmes), Charlie Owen (Tex, Don and Charlie, Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses, Beasts of Bourbon, Divinyls), Spencer Jones (Beasts of Bourbon), Rosie Westbrook (Mick Harvey, Penny Ikinger) and Helen Cattanach
The Green Mist Album “Last Stop to Antartica” is out in Europe through Spanish label Bang Records and Mistophone /In ertia in Australia and has received rave reviews internationally, including editors pick in Rolling Stone magazine January 2008

Players on this recording are :-

Tracy Redhead - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Daniel Nash - Drums & Percussion
Dale Harrison - Bass Guitar
Simon Figliuzzi - Electric Guitar & Ebo
Samantha Fonti - Violin & String Arrangements
Bob Scott - Programming (Track 2)

The recording was engineered at Glebe Studios by Daniel Nash

Tracks include :-

Broken Wings

Tracy Redhead also has a page on MySpace click this for a direct link

Limited Artwork / CD Rip / 320kbps format

Tracy Redhead EP Pre-Release

Please check out your local record stores and support another great Aussie artist!!