Thursday, February 24, 2011

Greg Champion - That's The Thing About Football (single)

It's the time of the year again when the AFL kicks into high gear and the fans come out in their finery.

To kick off this season (pun intended), I found this 'lil gem in my local Op shop only yesterday.

This is a 1994, 3 track single from Greg Champion.

I was blown away when I saw who the muso's who played on this release were.

The artists on this single are :-

Greg Champion - Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
Mike Brady - Vocals
The Music Men - Vocals
Darren Farrugia - Drums
Joe Creighton - Bass
Chris Wilson - Keyboards
Sam See - Guitar

The single has 3 tracks :-

That's The Thing About Football
I Am The Footy Fan (with The Music Men)
That's The Thing About Football (Mike Brady - vocals)

The title track was written by Mike Brady, Greg Champion and Paul Kelly.

Full Artwork / CD Rip / 320kbps format

There has been a comment by one person that the sound seemed to fluctuate on this recording. So, as of today this has been ripped a second time and re-upped 13/3/11 and the link amended.


  1. Thanks grunrat. Been looking for this for ages. Downloaded it & listened and noticed that the sound even though at 320 it seems to fade up and down quite abit. Could you look into this & reupload.
    Cheers Peter

  2. thanks for the redo. great job grunrat