Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Deni Hines - Imagination

I first met Deni Hines at The Perth Entertainment Centre in 1989, when I was at the venue in the afternoon to catch up with my old mate Jimmy Barnes during his sound check.   

Jimmy called me over and there was this poor girl in obvious pain, smoking a rollie and limping. 
He introduced Deni as his backing singer, saying she was the daughter of Marcia.... that was my intro.

Deni had slipped on the stage set during rehearsals that day and injured her ankle.  She has just arrived back at the Entertainment Centre after a visit to the hospital.

Like a true trouper, Deni went on to perform the show that evening and what a show it was. 

I've always liked the quality in Deni's voice and still do to this day and always look for anything she has released.

This now deleted CD, Imagination was released in 1996 and was her first solo album.

Deni's Wikipedia page is located HERE.

Tracks on this release are :-
Like The Way
It's Alright
It's Not Over
Like A River
Yes We Can
Go Slow
When A Woman Pretends
I'm Not In Love

Full Artwork included / CD rip / 320kbps MP3 format

Deni Hines - Imagination

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