Monday, April 18, 2011

The Critics (Perth) - Promo Single

I had though it was hard finding info on some of my previous posts but finding information regarding this band, The Critics, originally from Perth, has been next to impossible.

The band has a little used MySpace site HERE.

It appears the band last recorded in 2009 after a long absence.  

The last release I can find any info on is a Rabbit Records release of their album "Noise And Popularity".

Below are a list of special limited editions released by the band.  This blog release is #49 of a 50 CD run and is number 5 on the list.  

  1. THE CRITICS- Take Back / Switch On Shortrun CD radio / magazine promo February 2004 100 made
  2. THE CRITICS-Pull Your Head In Shortrun CD - February 2003 50 with 7" sleeve, 10 without
  3. THE CRITICS-The Incentive Shortrun CD - June 2002 Radio Promo / Magazine Promo 15 made.
  4. THE CRITICS- Easy Option / Landslide Defeat 2 track Shortrun CD - June 2002 - Radio Promo / Magazine Promo / Show Giveaway- 70 made
  5. THE CRITICS - Patent Pending / The Easy Option (live) 2 track Promo CD - recorded 2004 / 2005  50 made
If anyone has further information on this band please contact me on the email link at the bottom of the blog page.

I believe the band to now be defunct.

Full Artwork included / CD rip / 320kbps MP3 format

The Critics - Promo Single

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  1. Great band. Hadn't heard this single but 'No Salvation' and 'The Incentive' are both worth tracking down.