Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tracy Redhead - EP - Pre-Release copy (2003)

I have to admit I do love my endless trawls through the Op Shops of Perth in my endless quest for deleted and hard to find Australian music.   It's time for myself doing what I enjoy... preserving Australian music for the future.

Occasionally you come across some rare gems.

This pre-release copy of the first EP from performer Tracy Redhead and her band is one of those such gems.  

It is obvious that this copy was never for public release and I am almost sure that it was given away by Tracy Redhead to friends, etc.

I have to admit that I had never really heard much about Tracy Redhead before I found this CD in my local Op Shop. 

The following information is from the Tracy Redhead FaceBook page

Quick History – Tracy Redhead Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist

1997 she began her solo career in hometown Perth.
1998 John Butler & Tracy did their first tour together around the South West of Australia.
1999 first national tour supporting iOTA.
2000 Moved to Sydney.
September 2004 Tracy independently released her Debut EP and received spot rotation on Triple J and airplay on 18 community stations nationally.
She co-wrote and recorded the album  “The Chapel of Ease”  with Charlie Owen and Julien Poulsen in Tasmania,  which was scheduled for release in early 2008 through Mistophone / Inertia.
Tracy recently recorded as part of the Green Mist Collective at Birdland Studios in Melbourne with Julien Poulsen, Brian Richie (Violent Femmes), Jeff (Violent Femmes), Charlie Owen (Tex, Don and Charlie, Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses, Beasts of Bourbon, Divinyls), Spencer Jones (Beasts of Bourbon), Rosie Westbrook (Mick Harvey, Penny Ikinger) and Helen Cattanach
The Green Mist Album “Last Stop to Antartica” is out in Europe through Spanish label Bang Records and Mistophone /In ertia in Australia and has received rave reviews internationally, including editors pick in Rolling Stone magazine January 2008

Players on this recording are :-

Tracy Redhead - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Daniel Nash - Drums & Percussion
Dale Harrison - Bass Guitar
Simon Figliuzzi - Electric Guitar & Ebo
Samantha Fonti - Violin & String Arrangements
Bob Scott - Programming (Track 2)

The recording was engineered at Glebe Studios by Daniel Nash

Tracks include :-

Broken Wings

Tracy Redhead also has a page on MySpace click this for a direct link

Limited Artwork / CD Rip / 320kbps format

Tracy Redhead EP Pre-Release

Please check out your local record stores and support another great Aussie artist!!

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