Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pardon our renos

Hi everyone...

Last night I finally turned this blog from being built on a standard template to something more indicative of its own "identity".

There are a few more changes in the wind that are yet to follow.

I hope you like the new look and please feel free to make comments on any of the stuff you might or might not like.

Feedback in all forms is welcome!!

cheers... GruntRat


  1. I like it alot. It makes the site feel homely and suits the site. Great work.

  2. Saw the new skin last night - what a great look I thought to myself. Like a breathe of fresh air.
    Difinately a winner GruntRat.
    All the best
    PS. I posted some covers for your Little Heroes Live post on the Midoz Forum - hope they are OK

  3. I for one really like the look of your revamped blog - inviting colors and a terrific banner
    Well done mate !

  4. Hi Grunt Rat.

    I love the new look, ans thank you for the link.

    Paddy (Only Australian Music).

  5. well, I'll have a bitch at the font in here, really hard to see the date and persons name ;-) maybe i need glasses?