Friday, October 8, 2010

Globos - The Beat Goes On (single)

The Globos were a musical comedy cabaret group formed in Melbourne in 1980 by  Mark Trevorrow.... famously known as Bob Downe and Wendy De Waal.

The Beat Goes On,  is the second single release for The Globos..

Their first single was Tintarella Di Luna and was featured many times on Countdown. In fact, Mark and Wendy hosted the Countdown show on 2 occasions.

The group mimed old records and commercials, in a loving and hilarious recreation of early Australian TV pop shows, and then recorded and mimed their own material. 

Below is a great clip from the old Simon Townsend's Wonder World with Jono Coleman as the reporter.  It's a classic... with Tintarella Di Luna ----

For the first single the Globos were :-
Mark Trevorrow as Chip Wood
Wendy De Waal as Gloria
Jane Turner as Kay Trent
Kim Trenrow as Cookie Stanger
David Pledger as Murry The Man
Jane Markey as Donna-Sue Hart

For the second single Grete Mendoza replaced Jane Turner

Tracks are : -

The Beat Goes On
Kiss And Tell

Vinyl Single rip / Artwork included / MP3 320kbps format

Globos - The Beat Goes On


  1. See, there is a career in miming bad songs, (but Mark and Wendy can actually sing!)
    So hope for us aging pretendy rock gods yet.....!