Monday, October 18, 2010

Dark Tan - After Dark.... Tan

During the rage of the Disco days in Australia, Dark Tan were very popular.

This is their vinyl LP, released on the Laser Records label in 1980.

Leader of the group was Alston Koch.

The album was produced by Alston Koch except for the track Disco lady that was produced by Mario Millo... ex Sebastian Hardie / Windchase and Jon English Band fame.

Engineers were Alex Duyser and Peter Hood.

The recordings for this album were done between January 1978 and March 1980.

There is a great review on this band on the cleavagedownunder website... click the link to open the site.

Tracks include :-

20 Miles
Vanishing Lady
Disco Lady
Baby Come Back
The Letter
Fever Of Love
Kiss You All Over
Dancing In The City
Danny Boy
Gimme That Banana

Artwork included / Vinyl LP rip / 320kbps MP3 format


  1. hmmm ive seen this but knew nothing of it, interested to give it a listen thanks

  2. Of course I have to link back to my review of Disco lady!
    And of course tanks to GruntRat and D-generation on EON -FM Melbourne in the 80s for this song's notoriety!

  3. Personal Jesus wrote about Dark Tan ages ago, and even included scans of the rare press release/bio sheet that was sent out to the media. Great stuff!

    The guy has heaps of rare Aussie and overseas music artefacts on his blog, but no downloads.