Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kevin Borich Express - No Turning Back

After The La De Da's came The Kevin Borich Express. They released the great No Turning Back album in 1979. The album was never released on CD.

The Kevin Borich Express line-up at the time of this album was -
Kevin Borich - Lead Guitar and Vocals
John Annas - Drums, Percussion and Vocals
Paul Christie - Bass
Tim Schafer - Keyboards

The tracklist is as follows....

No Turning Back
New City Lights
Silver Dime
I Can't Wait
Mamma Is A Jazza
Don't Have To Run
Social Disease
Caught In The Middle

Kevin Borich is one of the top guitarists in Australian history and has been awarded some of the highest accolades in the rock industry.

1977 - Australian Rock Music Awards - Best Guitarist
1978 - Australian Rock Music Awards - Best Guitarist
1978 - Concert of The Year Award (Marconi Club)
1983 - Ampex Golden Reel Award
1983 - The Party Boys - LP EMI Gold Record
1983 - Live at Several 21st (Party Boys) EMI Gold Record
1987 - He’s Gonna Step on You (Party Boys) EMI Gold Record
1999 - Australian Blues Music Festival - Heritage Award
2003 – Australian Blues Foundation – Hall of Fame

Kevin is still actively playing gigs across Australia.
His current tour is The Legends Of Rock Festival... info & tickets are available HERE

His website is at
Kevin's current albums can all be purchased direct from his site.
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Vinyl Rip / Artwork included / Bitrate 320k

The Kevin Borich Express - No Turning Back


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    Thanks for sharing this one....and for listing some of KB's accolades!

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