Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jimmy Barnes with Nathan Cavaleri

In 1993, Mushroom records released this one track promo single, a rework of the La-De-Da's, Gonna See My Baby Tonight.

The single was sponsored by Brash's and Uncle Toby's and was only ever available as a Promotional Item, Not For Sale!

It features Jimmy Barnes and the hot young pre-teen guitar player of the time, Nathan Cavaleri. Buzz Bidstrup from The Angels and GANGajang fame was on drums with Michael Hegerty on bass. Jeff Neill, from The Jimmy Barnes Band and Jimmy himself played rhythm guitar.

All in all a nice rare offering that is no longer in production and very hard to find.

Artwork included - Bitrate 320k

Gonna See My Baby Tonight

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  1. Another one that's in my unavailable collection....thanks for sharing it, TBT!

    Hobart Tony