Friday, January 16, 2009

The Bushwackers Collection

This was a 1987 release and has since, like so many good albums been deleted.

In my 20's I was introduced to The Bushwackers Band. A few of my roadie mates were doing their show and said it was worthwhile coming along. Those same roadies were previously working with the likes of James Freud, The Models and Men At Work, so in my eyes that was a different world.

One of the first shows I can remember was at the Melbourne Royal Showgrounds in the Centennial Hall. 1700 people and not a single person wasn't up dancing. The energy of that show was amazing. I distinctly remember the whole floor of that old building actually moving up and down with the stomping feet of the enthusiastic crowd.

I went on a tour with those guys, up all the east coast... Sydney, Central Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane. Every night was a party for the audience. The Bushies certainly gave everything they had to entertain the punters. One night I can particularly remember was at The Playroom on the Gold Coast. The support act was a pool full of female mud wrestlers... sure was a fun night!!

I can't remember all the players in the band at the time but I do remember Dobe Newton up front, who went on to write I Am You Are, We Are Australian with Bruce Woodley from The Seekers. Roger Corbett was on guitar and vocals, Freddy Strauks from Skyhooks on drums and the lead guitarist was a little bloke with long hair named Louis (Louie) McManus. Louie it turns out was the cousin of another famous singer / songwriter... Declan McManus, better known as Elvis Costello.  Sadly, Louis passed away in 2004 after his 4th stroke.

This is a prime collection of some of the songs they performed. They showcase our Australian heritage. Songs ranging from the funny and quirky Marijuana Australiana to the stirring recitation of Banjo Patterson's Clancy Of The Overflow, finishing with a heartfelt rendition of Eric Bogle's And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda. Even I can confess to shedding a tear to that one on occassions.

The Bushwackers have a new album, Australian Songbook II due out early 2009 and their new website is at

I hope you enjoy this one as it is a classic example of our true Australian bush music performed by the best there is. There are bush bands and then there is The Bushwackers.

Artwork included / Bitrate 320k

The Bushwackers Collection Pt 1

The Bushwackers Collection Pt 2


  1. Thanks for this one. Been looking for a good Bushwackers comp for a while & this eems to fit the bill nicely. Could I ask you to rescan the artwork though. There is a gap at the bottom of the front & inner sleeves which has cropped the top of each of them. This is most noticeable on the top of the front page where The Bushwackers Band logo has been cropped. Hope you can do this please mate. Thanks

  2. Hi there, TBT

    Congratulations on a great site, with great Australian music....including the Bushies!

    Like the previous poster, I've also been looking for a decent Bushwackers compilation (and this one includes their first single "The Flying Pieman") need to look any further.

    Hobart Tony