Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mic Conway - What's That Sound

This is a deleted ABC Music album 1997 from Australian performer, Mic Conway.

Mic has been in the Australia music scene for many many years and is probably best known for his work in the 70's Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band.

The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band was an Australian band, active throughout the 1970s.
It was based in Melbourne and centred around singer and multi-instrumentalist Mic Conway ("Captain Matchbox") and his brother Jim Conway, who is widely regarded as one of Australia's finest exponents of the blues harmonica.
Inspired by early jazz recordings and the jug band music they heard on reel-to-reel tapes as teenagers, they formed a band which grew within a couple of years from an underground art school band to a national icon, with film and television appearances and regular appearances in the charts.
Their debut LP Smoke Dreams (1972) was released in the USA and was also issued in the quadraphonic format.
Their second LP Wangaratta Wahine featured a cover illustration by noted Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig.
The brothers continued the group through many lineup changes until a tragic truck crash while on tour in 1979 which ruined the band financially and emotionally, and after paying off their debts they disbanded.
Mic Conway continues to record and perform regularly, both as a solo artist and with his National Junk Band.
Jim Conway has also worked on many musical projects and remains a sought-after soloist, although in recent years his health (but not his playing )has been significantly affected by the onset of Multiple Sclerosis. He now uses a wheelchair and has formed his dream band Jim Conways Big Wheel. (***source - Wikipedia)

This CD is an album of songs aimed at the kiddie market is much the same vein as The Wiggles.

Musicians / performers on this album are :-

Mic Conway - Vocals, Tenor Guitar, Ukelele, Harmonica, Washboard, gumleaf, Didgeridoo, Jug, Kazoo, Homemade Household Instruments, Silly Noises

Jeremy Cook - Producer, Arranger, Programming, Drums, Percussion, Kazoo, Spoons, Vocals

Jim Conway - Harmonica

Tony Burkys - Guitars

Marcus Holden - Violin, Fly Noises, Household Sounds

John Warner - 12 String Guitar on Riding This Train

The Wiggles - Special Guests on Make A Sound, Kazoo, Yells, Dog Barks

Liz Newman - Vocals

Ela Cook, Lynn & Liam McCarroll, Ro Cook & Tivoli Conway - Special Extra Voices, Crowd Noises, Laughs

Mick Fleming - Mandolin on Riding This Train

Natalie Morrison, Peter Baylor, Amanda Jones, Adam Barnard, Donal Taylor - Extra Musicians on Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens

The tracks are :-

Make A Sound
Sounds Like Music
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?
Swinging In The Jungle
Riding On This Train
Music Everywhere
Little Tommy Johnson & The Amazing Magic Circus
I Went To The Animal Fair
Old McDonald
Sounds Of Australia
When We Say Hello
Never Swat A Fly
Ain't Nobody Here But US Chickens
Our Car
Ship Ahoy!
Aeroplane Rap
Laughing Song
When You Wish Upon A Star

Artwork included / CD Rip / Bitrate 320k

Mic Conway - What's That Sound

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