Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rai Thistlewayte - I Am You Are - We Are Australian

On this Australia Day, 2010, I have chosen to add a few releases that are in tune with our National Day.

The first one was a charity release by Telstra Australia with all proceeds going to the FarmHand Foundation. If you like this release then do them a favour and make a donation.

This song should be our National Anthem in this bloggers humble view.

It was written by Bruce Woodley, of The Seekers fame and Dobe Newton, singer and lagerphone player extraordinaire, from probably the best known of our "bush" bands.... The Bushwackers.

The singer was a young Rai Thistlewayte, now known as the lead singer of Sydney based band, Thirsty Merc.

I have to be honest and confess that I am not sure of the release date but think it was sometime around 2000.

CD Artwork ONLY included (was sold in a plain clear plastic sleeve / CD Rip / Bitrate 320k

re-upped 2/11/10

Rai Thistlewayte & other artists - I Am, You Are - We Are Australian


  1. What a great download - never heard enough of this as the ad was always cut short - however one small problem at about the middle of the rip the CD must have had a glitch as the song skips - if possible could you please check your CD to see if this was an actual glitch in the disc or just a computer recording glitch..and do a re-up if possible....great job on the blog though just the same...
    cheers Wholives

  2. Hi. Have been looking for this track for Yonks. One thing though. It has a few glitches in it as mentioned in the previous comment. Any chance of a repost?

    By the way, it is actually a band called Lo-Tel. Not Rai Thistlethwayte even thoug it sound a hell of a lot like him.


  3. Rod... sorry I missed the request for a re-up previously... am re-ripping now... as for the artist... the label printed on the CD as purchased states... "performed by Rai Thistlewayte and other artists and re-arranged by Rai Thistlewayte". I have just played back the new rip and there is nothing out of place in the recording. All sounds as the CD should... I have included the label scan for confirmation of the track information as mentioned above.

  4. Many thanks for that. There seems to be a lot of confusion as to who it was. Even from the CD cover.

    It was originally done for a Telstra add and Telstra now own the rights to it. Have a look at this Wikipedia entry. It sort of explains it.


    Again, many thanks.


  5. Rod... just noticed an error in the Wikipedia entry straight off. They state the CD sold for $6 a copy... my copies were purchased direct from a Telstra Shop... I bought several copies for friends... at a cost of $1 each at the height of the campaign. Either way... it was and still is one of my favourite versions of this wonderful song. I trust that the re-up cured any problems that people may have had.

  6. The re-upped copy worked just fine. National anthem material if ask me. The song seems to have that rare quality, in that it sounds good no matter what treatment it is given. Classical, rock, country etc.

    I'm a bit of an old Aussie music tragic like yourself. Particularly interested in finding the rare and unusual. Let me know if there is anything you are looking for. Never know your luck, I may have it.


  7. Cheers Rod and thanks.... I have no way of contacting you other than this comment box.... my email is my user name here.... at gmail.com