Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Men At Work Rarities

This track is the original 1979 "B" side version of Downunder from Men At Work's first single.

The "A" side was a track called Keypunch Operator. I am still searching for a decent copy of both of these tracks.

It was an independant release by the band on 7 inch vinyl and is an extremely rare recording that was only ever available in a limited quantity.

The hugely popular version of the song from the Business As Usual album, released in 1981 was quite different.

This is a vinyl rip and is unfortunately only in 128k format.

Downunder 1979

Keypunch Operator

*** Added 18th December... I have located a copy of Keypunch Operator today but it is only in 96k format. I am still searching for high quality copies of both sides of this rare single.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into Men At Work's origins.


  1. i found this incredible. thanks :)

  2. I just ripped them from my vynil and have them in WAV files... if you may be interested I can share with you.

  3. Hey Rafael Pompeu!

    I'd love these as 320 or wav files!

    Thanx so much!!!

  4. Rafael... I would love to get a copy of these tracks in WAV format... you can contact me on... gruntrat at gmail.com