Monday, December 15, 2008

Hot new bar in Perth

Last night we went to a great new bar in Perth. It is situated at 3 Aberdeen Steet, East Perth... right next to the McIver railway station.

Deville's Pad is amazing. It has to be one of the most novel and well setup venues we have ever seen in Australia. In fact, we have never seen a bar so well laid out.

The theme is "volcanic devilry".... and the decor certainly fits that to perfection. Rich in it's kitsch atmosphere with cool sounds and lighting... there is stimulation for the eyes and ears at every turn.

Go-Go dancers in cages... costumes and a smoking volcano in the middle of the dance floor set the scene for a great evening.

The bands were 50's rock n roll style and man could those guys rock.... think Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis. The sound system is excellent and not over the top loud.

The delicious food is very "Vegas - American Diner" style in its origins. The bar is a little pricey but a decent range available.

This is also one of the first bars in Perth with an "over 25's" policy... the exception being Wednesday nights, when they do have a kid's night.

The venue also has special rock n roll nights... so you can dress in your best Elvis era finery and jive the night away.

Seriously... if you want a great night out in a world class bar that does stand out from the rest then give this place a try.... I'm sure you won't regret it.

The owners have obviously spent a large fortune setting up this place and they have definately hit the bullseye in getting it right.

Check out their website here..... Deville's Pad

I have never written a blog like this before but found this place to be SO unique that I felt compelled to say it is worth a visit and I am sure you'll enjoy the night out.

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