Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Audio Guide To Australia's Best Music

During a visit to my local "Cashies" yesterday, I came across an unusual compilation album called An Audio Guide To Australia's Best Music.

The album was a 1989 Festival release and was never available to the public in this form.

It was a "Not For Sale - Promotional Use Only" release.

There is quite an interesting list of Australia's artists from the era.

Unfortunately the cover info is not very informative.

Tracks and artists are :-

Zan - It's Your Move
Robyne Dunn - My Spark & Me
Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls - Dumb Things
Neil Murray - Calm & Crystal Clear
The Saints - The Music Goes Round My Head
Jimmy Barnes - The Last Frontier
Jimmy Barnes - Many Rivers To Cross
Ian Moss - Tucker's Daughter
Chris Moy - Dreamland
Paul Norton - Stuck On You
Yothu Yindi - Mainstream
Jason Donovan - Too Many Broken Hearts
The Mad Turks - Tempers Fire
Nick Barker & The Reptiles - Another Me
Died Pretty - Everybody Moves

I hope you enjoy!!

Full Artwork included / CD Rip / Bitrate 320k

An Audio Guide To Australia's Best Music


  1. Thanks so much, i've been after a few of these tracks for a while now.

    Classic aussie music is getting really hard to find!