Thursday, March 5, 2009

Merril Bainbridge - The Garden

Although this album was only released in 1995 it is yet another deleted Australian title.

Mainly known for the single "Mouth" this is a decent offering for a new artist of the time.

Merril's father worked at Wheatley Music and this album is on the Wheatley spin-off label Gotham.

Musicians performing on The Garden are some of the best in the business and include Angus Burchall (John Farnham Band) on drums and percussion, Roger McLachlan on bass, Chong Lim on Piano and Chris Wilson has a guest spot on vocals and harp on one track. Many other artists aided the recording of this album.

Tracks on The Garden by Merril Bainbridge include :-

Garden In My Room
Under The Water
Miss You
Song For Neen
Sleeping Dogs
Reasons Why
Being Boring
State Of Mind
Power Of One
Garden In My Room (Reprise)

Full Artwork included / CD Rip / Bitrate 320k

Merril Bainbridge - The Garden


  1. This is so awesome!!!!!!!!! I have been searching for this CD for ages!! I had this CD in my youth and of course the CD did not survive LOL But this was just one of my FAVS!! So Thank You!!

  2. Thank You~! I'm Tried Find 2nd Album Between the Days(1998). But I Can Not This Album.
    Because Your Posted and I'm Happy.

    It's So Difficult Typing Eng. I Can't Read,Write English Cause I'm KOR. ^^;
    Have A Nice Day~~~!

  3. I Wanna Find 2nd Album (Between the Days).

    Merril Bainbridge is Great Artist. But Not Popular At Our Country.

    Many song of This Album is Billboart Chart Incomming 1996~1997.
    And Mouth is Single Chart NO.3.

    My Blog is