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Girl Overboard / Separate Tables - Albums & Singles

These albums and singles cover most of the time that Melbourne band Girl Overboard were together.
Girl Overboard finally split in 1993.

I first met South African born, NZ raised vocalist, Lisa Schouw and Melbournian guitarist, Robin (Rob) Gist, from Girl Overboard when I was doing monitors for Little Heroes in 1981 / 82. They were in a band called Short Story and were our support act on several occassions.

The front of house guy at that time with Little Heroes was Ross Fraser, who went on to be involved in the Whispering Jack album by John Farnham. Ross was one of the songwriters and the producer of Whispering Jack and of many more bands and acts since then.

After leaving Little Heroes, I was offered the front of house gig with Short Story and spent the next 12 or so months working with them.

Short Story had a few residency's around Melbourne at the time... including The Chevron in St. Kilda Road and a popular Saturday arvo gig at The Prospect Hill in Kew. They were also a regular at Billboard.... in fact I worked with them there on a night that was supposed to be my "bucks night". I guess at the time I felt more inclined to work with bands than on my marriage.

Many people could hear this amazing voice on stage and were looking for the "bloke" who was singing. That was Lisa... she had one of the gutsiest voices I'd ever heard live.

After Short Story, the band wanted a more "graphic" name and became Separate Tables for awhile and then finally Girl Overboard. Lineup changes went along with each name change before finally settling on this recording version.

Some of the artists performing on the Paint A Picture album were, John Farnham, David Hirschfelder and Chris Wilson.

The tracks on the Paint A Picture CD are :-

The Love We Make
I Can't Believe
Some Things Never Change
In The Evening
When You Do
Permanent Friend
Tear It Down
Wrap Your Arms Around Me
Come And Play
When The Word Came Down
Blue Falls The Rain

Lisa Schouw has a personal website HERE

Rob Gist now has his own recording studio in Sydney at ToneMaster Productions

Full Artwork included / CD rip / Bitrate 320k

Girl Overboard - Paint A Picture

ADDED 14/11/10

Many thanks to Brett for the contribution of the following items ...

Girl Overboard - Go album tracks include :-

Your Love
Way On The Mountain
Chain Of Fools
Love In Her game
Stranger's Kiss
If You're Going To Leave Tonight
If Love Were The Moon
LA Girls
Peace & Hope
Sylvia Said
Am I Feeling Blue

LP Cover artwork included / Vinyl LP RIP / 320kbps MP3 format

Girl Overboard - GO

Separate Tables single - Cover artwork included / Vinyl LP RIP / 320kbps MP3 format

Girl Overboard singles - Full artwork included / CD RIPs / 320kbps MP3 format

Separate Tables - Girl Overboard Singles Collection


  1. thanks for the girl overboard album link..been looking for this for ages! =D

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  3. Jaki... I have the album somewhere in my collection... I'll put it up at some stage soon.

  4. oh my gosh, really? thank you SO MUCH GruntRat!! I'm guessing it's been discontinued cos I can't find it in the shops (online and real). THANK YOU.