Friday, February 27, 2009

Australian Music Day - 1992

This 19 track CD is another promotional release from 1992.

It's from The Coca Cola Australian Music Awards.

All in all not a bad selection of tracks off this now near impossible to get album. Not bad for something I found in my local Vinnies Store when I went to the post office today. Best ONE dollar I spent all day!!

I hope you all enjoy!

Artists and tracks are :-

Radio Freedom - Proove
Girl Overboard - Your Love
Tall Tales & True - Watching The Wind Blow
James Reyne - Ferris Wheel
Pearls & Swine - No More Room In Heaven
The Sharp - Dance For Me
Bass Culture - Love Your Life
Scarlet - Love Hates Stares
Astral Project - Come With Me (Tonite)
Clouds - Say It
Cleopatra Wong - Thank You
Images - Lost In The City
The Honeymen - Felt Like A Kiss
James Blundell - This Road
Shanley Del - Funnel Of Love
Paul Norton - When We Were Young
Broderick Smith - Snowblind Moon
The Lovers - The River
Mark Gillespie - Flame

Full Artwork included / CD Rip / Bitrate 320k

Australian Music Day - 1992

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  1. Hi there, TBT

    Thanks for sharing this one, which I haven't seen before.

    Hobart Tony