Monday, October 25, 2010

Music Download Instructions

It has come to my attention that many people are not aware of how this and other music blogs function.

So, I am creating these instructions to make it easy.

Firstly, before anything you will need to download and install this software. This only has to be done ONCE... then when it is  installed on your computer you will be ready for the next step.   Instructions for similar software for a MAC is included below...

For Windows users you will need to download a program such as WinRAR.  This is a free program and a copy is available by clicking the following link.  WinRAR

If you have a MAC, then the program to unpack the files is Stuffit Expander and comes with your operating system.

If you can't locate Stuffit Expander then the following link will give you a free MAC application that will do the job quite well.   RAR Expander

At the bottom of each post on the blog there is a textual link.  Usually it will be the name of the band or of the title of the album. IT should be fairly obvious and on my blogs will always be at the bottom of the relevant post.

Simply click on that text link and it will open a link in another window.   That link will usually be to Megaupload but can sometimes be 4Shared.

In the top right corner of the Megaupload page there will be a series of  3 letters and 1 number to be typed into a box.  They are quite easy to locate.  Other bogs can use various sites like Rapidshare or Fileshare and numerous others.  They all work the same way.  Rapidshare and others will make you wait up to 15 minutes between each download.

That box will then give you a countdown timer of usually under 60 seconds.  This can vary.   Once the timer is finished then click on the download link.
The download of the "album"  will then commence.  The time for the actual download will depend on your connection speed to the internet.

The entire album is saved in one file as a RAR file to make the size of the download smaller.

As long as you have followed the instructions and installed the software in the first step it is simply a matter of clicking on the downloaded music file and it will open a box within the program... such as WinRAR.   You can then place the files wherever you wish on your computer.

From there you can do several things such as unpack the entire archive to be able to transfer it to your hard drive, then a CD or MP3 player or simply play through your computer speakers.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dark Tan - After Dark.... Tan

During the rage of the Disco days in Australia, Dark Tan were very popular.

This is their vinyl LP, released on the Laser Records label in 1980.

Leader of the group was Alston Koch.

The album was produced by Alston Koch except for the track Disco lady that was produced by Mario Millo... ex Sebastian Hardie / Windchase and Jon English Band fame.

Engineers were Alex Duyser and Peter Hood.

The recordings for this album were done between January 1978 and March 1980.

There is a great review on this band on the cleavagedownunder website... click the link to open the site.

Tracks include :-

20 Miles
Vanishing Lady
Disco Lady
Baby Come Back
The Letter
Fever Of Love
Kiss You All Over
Dancing In The City
Danny Boy
Gimme That Banana

Artwork included / Vinyl LP rip / 320kbps MP3 format

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pardon our renos

Hi everyone...

Last night I finally turned this blog from being built on a standard template to something more indicative of its own "identity".

There are a few more changes in the wind that are yet to follow.

I hope you like the new look and please feel free to make comments on any of the stuff you might or might not like.

Feedback in all forms is welcome!!

cheers... GruntRat

Friday, October 8, 2010

Globos - The Beat Goes On (single)

The Globos were a musical comedy cabaret group formed in Melbourne in 1980 by  Mark Trevorrow.... famously known as Bob Downe and Wendy De Waal.

The Beat Goes On,  is the second single release for The Globos..

Their first single was Tintarella Di Luna and was featured many times on Countdown. In fact, Mark and Wendy hosted the Countdown show on 2 occasions.

The group mimed old records and commercials, in a loving and hilarious recreation of early Australian TV pop shows, and then recorded and mimed their own material. 

Below is a great clip from the old Simon Townsend's Wonder World with Jono Coleman as the reporter.  It's a classic... with Tintarella Di Luna ----

For the first single the Globos were :-
Mark Trevorrow as Chip Wood
Wendy De Waal as Gloria
Jane Turner as Kay Trent
Kim Trenrow as Cookie Stanger
David Pledger as Murry The Man
Jane Markey as Donna-Sue Hart

For the second single Grete Mendoza replaced Jane Turner

Tracks are : -

The Beat Goes On
Kiss And Tell

Vinyl Single rip / Artwork included / MP3 320kbps format

Globos - The Beat Goes On

Friday, October 1, 2010

Run Run

I found this single in my local Salvos store.

I have not been able to find out a single thing about this band at all.

The single was engineered in 1986 by John Ertler and produced by Murray Burns of MiSex fame.

I have spoken to John Ertler and he remembers recording the single but can't recall the band at all.

It's a 45 single and labelled Promotion Only - Not For Sale.

I am almost convinced that this single was never actually released.

If anyone has any further information on either this band or recording can you please contact me?

The members of Run Run were :-

Tony Gibson - Lead Vocals / Keyboards
Richard Fulton - Bass / Guitar / Vocals
Barry Hayes - Drums / Vocals

The tracks are : -

A/  Is This The Way
B/  Is This The Way (extended mix)

Vinyl rip / Full artwork / 320kbps MP3 format

Run Run